Use Tiny11 Builder To Debloat Any Version Of Windows 11

NTDEV, the developer behind the renowned third-party app Tiny11 Builder, has released a new version of the Builder variant that lets you debloat any Windows 11 build or version.

As spotted by Neowin, the new version allows you to use it on ANY Windows 11 release (not just a specific build), as well as ANY language or architecture, which has been made possible due to the much-improved scripting capabilities of PowerShell.

Further, the free tool makes exclusive use of Microsoft-made utilities like DSIM for reliability and includes no utilities from external sources.

However, the only executable included is oscdimg.exe, which is provided in the Windows ADK and is used to create bootable ISO images.

In addition, also included is an unattended answer file that is used to bypass the Microsoft Account on OOBE and deploy the image with the /compact flag.

Here’s a list of all the apps that are removed from Windows 11 using Tiny11 Builder:

Clipchamp, News, Weather, Xbox (although Xbox Identity provider is still here, so it should be possible to be reinstalled with no issues), GetHelp, GetStarted, Office Hub, Solitaire, PeopleApp, PowerAutomate, ToDo, Alarms, Mail and Calendar, Feedback Hub, Maps, Sound Recorder, Your Phone, Media Player, QuickAssist, Internet Explorer, Tablet PC Math, Edge, OneDrive

As the tool is open-source, you are free to add or remove anything you want.

If the new version of Tiny11 Builder sounds interesting, you can head over to the project’s GitHub page.

Since the updated Tiny11 Builder uses PowerShell, you need to set the execution policy to Unrestricted before running the script.

To do so, Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted command as Administrator in PowerShell, otherwise it would just crash. Once done, simply follow the instructions provided.

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