MWC2015, Samsung Knox goes Keyless with UniKey Kevo integration

Samsung integrates UniKey’s touch-to-open, keyless and cardless entry into its KNOX App

After being heralded and vouched by NIAP of United States, itself as most secure container for storing private photos, videos and files, Samsung’s proprietary Knox App is going a step further to enhance user experience.

By the end of this month, Knox will be keyless, touch-to-open and cardless entry option for all doors,  in all Android Lollipop 5.0 devices. Which means that if you have Samsung’s Knox onboard, you can use it to unlock doors, entryways and gates without need of keys or access cards in residential, enterprise, commercial, government and institutional premises.

Samsung’s Knox will be powered by a smart access control cloud from UniKey.  UniKey’s Kwikset Kevo which is already available in Google Play store will be available via KNOX Apps later this month for Android 5.0 devices,Phil Dumas, UniKey founder and president, in a statement at MWC 2015 yesterday.

If you are using Samsung Knox App you have to download the UniKey’s Kevo and it will integrate itself with Knox residing within the secure Knox container so that nobody can gain access to your keyless entry.

KNOX which comes by default with Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones and can be downloaded from here for other Android smartphones was developed to meet military and enterprise standards for security. As said above, because of its security, it has already been approved by US’s NIAP for civilian and classified use in United States.

Knox’s security features include a antivirus from Lookout, a Customizable Secure Boot that ensures only verified and authorized software can run on the device and TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA) provides continuous integrity monitoring of the Linux kernel. When TIMA detects that the integrity of the kernel or the boot loader is violated, it takes a policy-driven action in response. One of these policy actions disables the kernel and powers down the device.

“By integrating with Samsung KNOX, UniKey is enabling the most secure access solution for businesses and consumers,” said Phil Dumas, UniKey founder and president, in a statement. “In partnership with Samsung, UniKey is making it even more convenient for businesses to manage secure access to any door, gate or badge access point and giving consumers the most convenient and secure way to manage access to their home. Through our partnerships with global market leaders in their respective industries, and with diverse businesses around the world, UniKey has expanded its footprint well beyond residential and into commercial enterprise with further platform expansions in 2015 and beyond.”

You can now enjoy key-less and card-less entry if you have Samsung Knox app aboard your Android app.

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