God Mod Bookmarklet lets you watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix with ease

Netflix is wonderful, it gives you unlimited TV shows and movies to watch but it has a big problem. Its library is so huge that it would take a normal user hours and hours of time scrolling the Netflix screen to find their choicest content.

There is no user who has not faced this particular and weird scrolling down the Netflix to find their favourite content. The good news is that someone has come with a nifty solution for this #firstworldproblem.

Renan Cakirerk has created a nifty little bookmarklet called God Mod which is pretty easy to use. The Netflix users have to drag the green button to your bookmarks bar and open Netflix and click on the bookmarklet to view all the movies at once.

As Tech Crunch explains, the God Mode Bookmarklet is pretty damn easy to use:

“Just pop the bookmarklet into your bookmark bar and load Netflix. Once logged in, click the bookmark button to expand all the sliding bars into grids of movies. It’s not as pretty, but damn is easier to use.”

You can get the God Mode bookmarketlet here. If you are interested in the source code of the bookmarketlet, click here.


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