WhatsApp Calling: Android users can now enjoy the voice calling features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has now rolled out the voice calling feature for its Android users in India.

After making a complete hash of a launch, WhatsApp rolled out its WhatsApp Calling features for all the Android users worldwide. This can be downloaded either from Playstore: version 2.11.528 or from the WhatsApp website: version 2.11.531 or even it can be activated if users get an “invite” by receiving call from some other user who has already activated the voice calling feature.

However WhatsApp users please note that WhatsApp has temporarily disabled the invite feature. This means that those who have downloaded the above updated app can make calls to other but they will not be able to activate calling feature on their friends smartphones.

As per Android Police user can directly get the voice calling feature if you get an “invite” as mentioned above. Once an invite is received user receives the call and user would need to close and reopen the app. Soon the WhatsApp Calling feature gets updated in WhatsApp and now user will be able to see 3 tabs on the WhatsApp homescreen instead of the most recent chats. The 3 tabs are namely Calls, Chats and Contacts. The call tab shows incoming, outgoing and missed calls at the precise times and is pretty much similar to a smartphone’s contact directory and it also keeps a record of recent WhatsApp calls.

Last week we reported a WhatsApp malware which was promising an access to the voice calling feature of WhatsApp and if users clicked on the link it would take them to some survey wherein users were forced to download applications which might contain dangerous malwares. So just a word of caution to all users would be to download the feature only from the Playstore or Whatsapp website.

The “invite” window will remain open for a longer time this time unlike during its Beta testing when the window was kept open for only few hours. So users can take their own time get the feature downloaded in their device.

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  1. This feature is not working in lg optimus f200 please i have tried every thing to activaate this feature but still no hope ,will be great if you provide help


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