Anonymous member ‘Libero’ hacks Malvinas TV and Radio websites

Malvinas Radio, TV and Public Accounts Committee websites hacked by Anonymous member Libero

Exactly a day after the 33rd anniversary of the Malvinas war between the Argentine forces and United Kingdom forces, a member of the Anonymous hacker collective nicknamed “Líbero” hacked the Malvinas radio station website, blocking its content and broadcasting the Argentine anthem instead.

Libero hacked the “Falkland Islands Radio Service” (FIRS) and the Islands’ Public Accounts Committee (PAC) sites ( and respectively).

Instead of the usual content, both sites now broadcast the Argentine National Anthem while displaying images of Argentine soldiers.

The Malvinas’ television website has also been hacked (, but it does not play the Argentine Anthem.

“Líbero” informed in his Twitter account he was going to hack the site and teasingly said: “Now they want to attack [meaning Great Britain, in reference to President Cristina Kirchner’s yesterday speech in which she questioned the militarization of the South Atlantic by British forces]… but how? They don’t even have safe systems.”

The Malvinas war also known as the Falklands war in the western world is a very emotional issue for the Argentines. Known as the Guerra de las Malvinas was fought for ten weeks between Argentina and the United Kingdom over two British overseas territories in the South Atlantic: the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

It began on Friday 2 April 1982 when Argentina invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands because it has long claimed sovereignty over them. On 5 April, the British government dispatched a naval task force to engage the Argentine Navy and Air Force before making an amphibious assault on the islands. The conflict lasted 74 days and ended with the Argentine surrender on 14 June 1982, returning the islands to British control. In total, 649 Argentine military personnel, 255 British military personnel, and three Falkland Islanders died during the hostilities.

However even now Argentines are pretty emotive about the war and Malvinas in particular. Libero’s hacking is seen as a extension of that protest.

All the three websites are still in a hacked condition and showing ‘site under maintenance landing’ page.

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