Ex-employee exacts revenge by posting sh**ty tweet on 2UE News Twitter account

‘Apologies for the s**t news service’: 2UE Twitter hack not act of revenge says management

2UE News service had a major shuffle among their employees with some employees getting the dreaded pink slip. Steve Blanda was one of them and apparently somebody didnt like it.

Somebody used the Twitter account of 2UE News and tweeted a text saying

2UE news

It is believed that this tweet was a work of a disgruntled ex-employee of the network following the sackings of high profile staff as a result of the Macquarie/Fairfax Radio Network merger.

The news company however says that the ROGUE tweet is a random hack rather than an act of revenge by a former employee.

The alert security team of 2UE removed the tweet 11 minutes after it was posted but not before many noticed it

A spokesperson from 2UE told The Australian it was unable to confirm if it was former employee who hijacked the account: “It’s actually an old account that we haven’t used in a couple of years,” the spokesperson said. “We believe it was hacked.”

Macquarie Radio has not been available for comment.

Veteran 2UE newsreader Steve Blanda and Angela Catterns were among the high-profile casualties of cost-cutting in Sydney following the merger of the 2UE and 2GB newsrooms.

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