Facebook launches standalone Messenger for web browsers

Facebook is bringing Messenger, its standalone messaging tool, to the Web

Following the footsteps of WhatsApp’s dedicated web support, Facebook yesterday unveiled the Web version of Messenger. The standalone website provides a way for Facebook users to chat with their near and dear ones without opening Facebook.

Facebook engineers have made the Messenger.com a full fledged websites and it resides outside of Facebook.

One of the main reasons for the launch of standalone messaging App is that FB users sometimes need to chat with their friends and acquaintances without the distractions, popups and intimidations Facebook provides. When a user is logged into Facebook there are constant updates in the news feeds and the friends user profiles. The messaging website gives a way to FB users to just concentrate on messaging.

Facebook has no plans to remove messaging from its core Web service, a spokesperson confirmed. Facebook already has a standalone messaging App for Android and iOS which also resides outside of the main Facebook page.

Facebook has been releasing a spurt of apps and features this year. Earlier it had launched a a peer-to-peer payments feature, a collaborative video making App called Riff for Android and iOS devices and and has started integrating the Facebook Messenger App for Android and iOS devices with its subsidiary WhatsApp.

Messenger.com will support a lot of these features as well, including payments. Also you also don’t need the Messenger mobile app to use Messenger.com.

Messenger will be available to English-speaking users worldwide and will be available in other languages in the coming weeks.


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