Facebook puts the blame of Newsfeed dip for news sites on a ‘glitch’

Newsfeed for news reaching same amount of people says Facebook, but responsible for mal-reporting

Facebook has said that news websites need not worry about the dip in the newsfeed reaching users as dip in the number of people who see posts of news publishers’ NewsFeed was a glitch in its own method of collecting data and that posts still reached the same amount of people as before.

Earlier in the week, a social media tracking website, NewsWhip had published a blogpost stating that news content on Facebook had experienced a marked decline in the number of people reached from the middle of February and into March.

The blogpost rang alarm bells among the media circle as it is well known that Facebook is pushing video and other media ahead of newsfeeds.

Mashable reached out to Facebook who said that

“We experienced an issue with Page Insights logging in February that failed to count some viral reach accurately. Importantly, actual delivery of posts was not affected by this issue; this was a reporting issue only. We identified and resolved this issue in early March and Page Insights are now correctly reporting organic reach. We apologize for any unintended impact this may have had to our partners.”

However Facebook has been at odds with the media publications ever since it has asked publishers put content directly on to its site as opposed to posting links that direct people back to media websites. This move, many in the media industry believe, will give Facebook even more control over media companies than it has now.


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