Facebook Scam: “Win a Dodge Charger 1970 Giveaway”

New Facebook scam ‘Get lucky and win a Dodge Charger 1970 Giveaway’ cheats hundreds of Facebook users

The Facebook page and the post below about a betting that apparently gives 215 lucky users the chance to win a 1970 Dodge Charger is like a Facebook Like-farming scam. The car is regularly said to be sold for more than $20,000 / €18,600. The number of cars claimed to be given away, along with the estimated price per item, is enough to put a “scam” title on the offer.

The message on the Facebook page with the Dodge Charger 1970 giveaway is placed at the top and has over 300,000 likes, with the post dated April 15. The scam attempts to fool Facebook users into commenting on, liking and sharing the page, in order to have a chance to win one of the cars. By liking, sharing and commenting on the fake prize post, Facebook users inadvertently promote the Page across the network and expose all of their friends to the scam.

However, exciting the offer may be, Online Threat Alert says that the Facebook post and page are fakes and are not giving away any 1970 Dodge Charger cars.

It appears that this Facebook Page began as a legitimate 1970 Dodge Charger fan page with images of vehicles and no claims of any giveaway. But, apparently, the owners of the Page decided to get more likes and user interests by launching a series of fake car giveaways. This when sold, along with the popularity of the page, is used by the marketers to promote different products or used by other thugs to initiate various scams.

Like-farming giveaway Pages are very common on Facebook. It should be reported as spam when you receive the message on your Facebook Wall or Timeline.

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