First Hologram protest in history against Spain’s draconian gag law

Spanish citizens hold world’s first hologram protest against the government gag order

Spanish government has enforced a new law called “triad gag” under which the citizens of Spain cannot protest against the Congress or hold meetings in public spaces. Additionally they have to ask permission from the authorities if they want to hold any peaceful protest.

What do the Spanish citizens do about this horrendous gag law. They decide to protest via holograms just circumventing the “triad gag” legislation.

Spanish citizens held the first hologram protest in history in order to protest without violating the new draconian guidelines of the National Security Act, the new amendments to the Penal Code and the Anti-terror law.

A video released to make the Spanish citizens aware of the movement called “Hologramas para la Libertad” states that “If you are a person you can not express yourself freely, you can only do that here if you become a hologram.”

The organisers of  movement invited citizens by writing a text message, leaving a recorded voice message, or converting themselves into a hologram by recording a video via webcam.

The hologram protest was very successful, here are some tweets from the Spanish citizens:

And here is a video of the hologram protest

Under the new Citizen Safety Law called Ley Mordaza (Gag Law) by the citizen activists and human rights defenders, public protests, freedoms of speech and the press and documenting police abuses will become crimes punishable by heavy fines and/or jail. It remains to be seen whether the hologram protests will move the Spanish government into dismantling the draconian law.



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