Google Army to become a reality : Google awarded a patents for a method to control a Robotic army

Google won a new patent which designs methods to connect the Robots over a Cloud by a smartphone and complete any assigned task.

Very soon we might see a bunch of robots cleaning an entire locality!!!! sounds interesting isn’t it? however, this seems to be happening in the near future. It was just last month that Google had got a patent for giving “personality to the Robots” and now Google’s next venture is to unleash an army of robots in the world. As per the new patent: “Google can now design a system which would allocate tasks to a plurality of robotic devices.”

Though this seems to be a very harmless patent as of now however, this patent has great potentiality and can be really used for a variety of tasks. The patent basically designs methods for connecting the robots over a  Cloud and cab be managed by smartphone to complete any given task. Google’s Operating system for the smartphone is known as Android which means a “clone” and in this patent the smartphone will be handling a clone of robots! Further, the patent also gives right to manage as many robots as the company wants and no upper limit on the ‘number of robots that can be used’ has been levied on this patent.

The patent appropriately states :”The plurality of robotic devices of the system may be configured to receive information from the computing component via the network associated with instructions for performing one or more tasks.” These robots can be easily controlled by anyone from any part of the world.

Since Google has come up with this patent, it would definitely mean that Google might have some plans of using the clone of robots for some specific purpose. Google’s driver-less car that is suppose to hit the roads by 2015, definitely seems to be one option wherein the patent can be put into use, the driver-less cars can be connected over a cloud and can be monitored from some centralized location. However, if Google has plans to apply this patent to its Boston Dynamics; which might find its way into the military contracts; then the patent could be a cause to worry.

The meeting of International officials of UN is currently being held in Geneva to discuss the regulation of emerging military technology wherein it will be finally decided whether to completely ban or restrict the use of the “autonomous lethal weapon.” Further it will also be decided as to till what level these autonomous weapons should have human control over them. Hence, the timing of Google being awarded with this patent seems to be perfect. Hence, a Google representative told the Quartz that the fact cannot be denied that not all patents actually get converted into real products, some of the patents do actually turn into real products whereas some don’t.

So as of now there are no confirmations if Google will actually create a robotic army or no, it will all depend on the final verdict of UN conference. However, a harmless robotic army can definitely play soccer and it is interesting to see these little creatures playing a soccer game. Besides, there can be definitely many other places where the robotic army can be installed so as to get the work done faster and also not being harmful to the human race.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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