Software security group Kaspesky labs in collaboration with the Dutch police has released a tool which helps to decrypt files locked by Ransomware.

Kaspersky Labs has released a decryption tool for files encrypted with CoinVault ransomware. The tool was developed by the Kaspersky lab after the The National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) of the Dutch police handed over the information obtained from a database of CoinVault command-and-control server containing the decryption keys.

Kaspersky releases tools to decrypt files encrypted with CoinVault Ransomware

CoinVault which is a sophisticated form of Ransomware encrypts data on hard disk of the victims Windows PC and in order to unlock the files it demands a ransom in Bitcoins to be paid. Unlike any other Ransomware CoinVault allows victim to see the list of encrypted files and decrypt one for free.

The tool is not 100% foolproof as the Ducth police has not secured all potential CoinVault keys from the server, but they said they are investigating further to find new keys that may help improve the tools efficiency.

Dutch Police has not arrested any suspects yet but said it may soon, as the masterminds behind the CoinVault Ransomware is believed to be situated in Netherlands itself.

Ransomware Decryptor by Kaspersky