Meet the 9 year-old kid who makes a cool million opening toys on YouTube

Meet Evan the 9 year old kid behind EvanTubeHD  toy review videos on YouTube who earns more than a $1 million per year!

Evan, a nine year old kid is churning out more than $1 million revenue just by his toy reviews channel unbelievable, isn’t it? EvanTubeHD, is kid-parent friendly YouTube channels where Evan reviews the toys and video games and the channel has gained a wide popularity in few years. Evan uses two channels on YouTube, EvanTubeGaming and EvanTubeHD, both of which have a combined viewership of whopping billion visitors and 1 million subscribers.

Have you ever wondered what does Evan do to earn so much of views and popularity? Evan basically reviews his favorite Angry Birds toys and video games and his father later adds special effects and posts the same on EvantubeHD.

A simple favorite playtime hobby of father and son with Evan’s mom and sister too joining him sometimes in his review has reached this amazing level. It was just 4 years ago that Evan and his dad together made videos containing Angry Birds stop-motion clay models. Soon these videos were posted on YouTube as Evan wanted to share this fun with his friends.

In an interview with Newsweek, Jared also known as DaddyTube who is Evan’s dad said: “When we started, we were making about a video per month as a fun little project. It was interesting to see who was tuning in. But it wasn’t until our original clay model video hit 1 million views that we began to realize how huge this was getting.” Evan has gained tremendous popularity however he is not much aware of his celebrity status and he behaves like a normal kid, some of his viewers really appreciate his reviews which has a creative flare and his narrations in the Angry Birds videos.

Evan’s parents though do not wish to reveal his identity to the world at least till some time for his safety hence they have not declared their last names nor their locations in the interviews and the videos. As already mentioned his father is known as DaddyTube and mom is known as MommyTube.

Also with millions of subscribers and billions of viewers EvanTubeHD is earning a whole lot of money there, which Evan’s parents said are being directly diverted to the savings account and investments for higher education and securing the future of Evan and his sister. Jared mentioned in his interview with Newsweek that they have a dedicated sales team that sells ads and negotiates deals with brands and businesses.

Jarred said: “These include both ads that appear in and around each video as well as products actually featured in our videos. The majority of the revenue is generated by the ads placed on the video itself. Outside of the networks, YouTube/Google handles all ad placement within the site. Content creators have a few options regarding the format of ads they would like to allow on their videos.  But the actual ads are chosen by some higher power.” With the addition of two more channels EvanTubeRaw and EvanTubeGaming the popularity and the subscription is ever growing.

The way in which Evan gives his reviews about the toys and how to actually play them is really stunning. Kudos to such a smart and a total tech savvy kid!!!

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