Italian group of hackers sort of break into Microsoft’s Cortana to create a basic and functional Android Assistant “Portana”.

Microsoft’s Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft as an answer to ‘Google Now’ and ‘Apple Siri’ . Cortana is expected to be available in the PC and other devices with the release of Windows 10 by end of this year. “OrangeSec” is an Italian group of hackers, which has been able to crack the back end of Microsoft’s Cortana and sort of succeeded in bringing it to Android. The hackers have named this Android assistant as “Portana” for now.

The hackers have been able to create a basic and functional Android assistant however this assistant has some limitations like it can speak only Italian language and also it does not work offline. Portana is not an independent digital assistant for Android as it has been connected to the servers of Microsoft.  Furthermore, it is difficult for Microsoft based Portana to blend and accommodate into the Android’s technology hence Portana cannot function the way Cortana does with the Microsoft based phones.

When VentureBeat inquired Microsoft regarding Portana, a spokesperson’s reaction was: “Cortana was first available for our Windows Phone customers in Spring of 2014, and we announced on January 21 that Cortana will come to PC and tablets later this year with the release of Windows 10. We believe the best way to enjoy the full Cortana experience is as designed by Microsoft and available through Windows Phone and the Windows 10 technical preview.”

It seems the fans have been just waiting for Cortana to be released to other third party platforms and there are some rumors going on which suggests that Microsoft is definitely planning to bring Cortana to Android and iOS. Though there are no official confirmation for the same however the rumors suggest that the idea is in pipeline.

Portana definitely seems to have been created by some creative fans of Cortana who are desperately waiting for Cortana to be released to other platforms. Also the hackers have just designed a “basic Android assistant” which does not have the features of an independent assistant, this shows that the purpose of creating Portana is not for competition with Microsoft because though Portana can work like Android assistant it can never be Cortana.

Cortana is expected to be released to the desktops and tablets with the Windows 10. Later it will be also made available to the Android and iOS desktops and if the digital assistant gets the required popularity with the Android and iOS it might get entry to their smartphones as well.

However, for now the creation of Portana definitely shows that the enthusiastic fans of Cortana are eagerly waiting for the digital assistant to be released to other platforms as well.



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