The Bluetooth and smartphone controlled robotic K9 companion gives the feel of being a “Doctor Who”.

Now you can get your own robotic canine companion K9 which is controlled by Bluetooth and smartphone and surely it will make you feel as if you are the “Doctor Who.”

Doctor Who store has released its desktop version of robotic canine companion-K9 toy which can be controlled via Bluetooth and smartphone. This robotic canine companion reminds us of the famous Doctor Who fiction program. From 1663 till date, ‘Doctor Who’ is a very famous science fiction program produced by BBC for television viewers.

In 1977 Tom Baker was the fourth actor to play the character of famous nerd “Doctor Who” and then the robotic canine made its first appearance in the series. Now, we have this K9 toy for real which has the same look as the one which appeared in the opera years ago.

The robotic K9 has many interactive features including the moving ears and the illuminated key pad. The eyes, nose probe, ears and all movements of this robotic K9 can be controlled using a smartphone. The K9 toy runs on 4 batteries and it can be controlled by an app in the smartphone iOS as well as Android.

Once the app has been activated on the smartphone and the toy connected via bluetooth, one needs to put the toy ON with a button in the K9 toy. The menu display on the smartphone gives 3 modes to operate the toy : using joystick control or tilt control or with the toy’s support. It is really interesting to see the K9 toy being controlled by the smartphone.

Amazon has given the following product description :”Complete with moving ears, light up eyes and extending nose probe, our faithful K-9 is at your service. Just use the app on your IOS or Android device to control the Doctor Who K-9. The power is now in the palm of your hands and with the bluetooth controlled K-9 at your side, you’ll be safe in your travels.”

The product can be purchased through and where it is being sold for a price of £70 which will be approximately $102. Though the price seems to be a little higher than $100, definitely seems to be a very charming companion which will attract the kids as well as their parents.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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