Windows 10 Build 10051 leaked, gets new Email App, Google Calendar support added

Windows 10 Build 10051 Gets New Email App, Google Calendar Support Added

Looks like Microsoft is in a hurry to meet its summer 2015 deadline for Windows 10 release. Today a leaked version of Windows 10 Build 10051 arrived which reveals the amount of work Microsoft engineers have been putting to meet the release date.

Windows 10 build 10051 is now available for download from a number of file-sharing websites. Right now, this new build is only available as a stand-alone ISO and only in English and there’s no indication that additional versions could be released.

Whats new with Windows Build 10051

The biggest change over the earlier Windows 10 build 10049 is the new Email App.┬áThe new Mail app features a more modern look and although it’s optimized for touch, it can also be used on a PC with a mouse and a keyboard. A hamburger button in the top left corner allows users to browse email folders and accounts, while tabs to change the format of a new email, insert objects, and review the message before sending have also been added.

Reports indicate that this Email app may be precursor to the full fledged new Outlook App which Microsoft is planning to release with the future release of Microsoft Office.

Another addition is the Google Calendar support to its own Calendar App. Till now such support was missing in Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10 technical previews however many users had requested Microsoft to add Google Calendar support in the final Windows 10 so Microsoft seems to be trying it out.

A Google Calendar account can be added easily from the add new account screen and it works just like any other calendar that has been configured in the app.

We cant provide any download links for this Windows 10 Build 10051 as it has not been officially released. However you can search popular file sharing networks for the build.

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