Xiaomi announces ‘Global Mi phone premiere’ in India on April 23

Xiaomi CEO and founder to attend the Global Mi Phone Premier in India on April 23

That India ranks high on Xiaomi’s list of to-do’s was made clear today when Xiaomi announce that it is all set to launch a new device on April 23 in India. Interestingly Xiaomi has chosen India over China for global launch of a new Global Mi Phone details and name of which it has not been announced yet.

Xiaomi has released a tweet with the teaser image of the invite.

As said above choosing India over China is surprising because, only yesterday, Xiaomi broke a Guinness World Record by selling 2.11 million smartphones and accessories through online sales in China. Normally releases in India are done one to two months after global release but Xiaomi’s new Global Mi Phone will be will be launched in India ahead of all other markets, including China.

Xiaomi CEO and founder Lei Jun and president Bin Lin will also be in attendance along with global vice president Hugo Barra.

The above tweet lands Xiaomi’s homepage, which as of now states, ‘i IS COMING’ and has a button to register for the event.

Xiaomi has plans to make India its hub for smartphone manufacturing activity is well known but whether the tactical decision of premiering global smartphone in India pays off remains to be seen.

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