A New Web App allows you to explore Google Maps in Lego form

How many cities have you built with Lego during your childhood days? Now you can relive the experience with the “Brick Street View” app.

Stockholm designer, Einar Öberg has developed a new web app known as Brick Street View which is a modified version of Google Maps’ Google Street View technology. Brick Street View, is an unique web app because of its creativity aspect wherein it allows the users to explore various locations on Google Maps in Lego format.

The app even has certain traditional Lego items like cars, plants, flowers etc in those locations thus giving a feel as if we are living in Lego Universe.

Lets understand the navigation using Lego format: As with the normal Google Street View app user will start with a top-down view of New York City, which pops up by default and then user can move to any place on the Google Maps. Now for navigation users can simply drag the Lego avatar and drop her on the location that they are searching. As soon as user puts the Lego in the Street View mode immediately the app will get converted to the Lego format and display the bricked world. The other method for navigation, is the traditional boring method, wherein user needs to type the location that they are looking for.

The most amazing thing about this app is that when you use this app some of the famous buildings have been given such a beautiful Lego look that when we shift back to the Street View mode these buildings are beyond recognition.

In the Brick Street Views “About” page Öberg says: “This site is an experiment by me, Einar Öberg. It’s a continuation of another project, Urban Jungle Street View, which both combining and augmenting Google Maps Street View with a 3D environment.” He has also given a brief description of the technology used in this app.

Undoubtedly, an impressive work by Öberg, which takes one back to golden era of childhood days.

Maya Kamath
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