Brazilian game pirates discovers a new PlayStation 4 hack

Brazilian pirates are using a new PlayStation 4 hack to load pirated games

It seems that the pirates from Brazil have discovered a new hack for Sony’s gaming console, PlayStation 4. The Brazilian website, UOL Jogos, confirmed that the pirates were loading the ripped PS4 games on to users consoles with the help of this hack.

UOL Jogos journalists confirmed the authenticity of the hacked games running on their PS4. For the verifying the authenticity of the hack, the UOL journalists had a number of games installed on their console from an electronics store in the streets of Sao Paulo. PS4 games normally retail at around $ 600 per game but the UOL Jogos journos found out that these stores typically copied 10 games to a PS4 for R$ 300 to R$ 400 (roughly $100 to $150).

After buying the games, the journalists confirmed that these ripped games were working on their consoles. They also clarified that this hack does not have any connection to the “account sharing” technique discovered in Sony PlayStations earlier.

According to UOL, the hack originated from a Russian website, and uses a similar technique to that of an old PS3?s exploit and uses Raspberry Pi for the hack. The hackers create a “dump” of the games to be written on the console that is to be hacked. They simultaneously rewrite the NAND/BIOS dump of the PS4 so that the ripped games can run on the consoles.

GearNuke says that due to the process involved, this exploit can’t be termed as a PS4 Jailbreak, and, hence, is hardly of any significance for homebrew purposes.

The Brazilian pirates have been selling the ripped games for almost a month now. Sony has not yet commented on the issue. Sony may seek to eliminate the exploit via a future firmware update for the PS4.

We’ll keep you posted on any further updates that happen with regards to this exploit.

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