Google Nexus 6 battery issues cause it to swell and explode

Despite of not being used, user reports Google Nexus just swelled up and exploded

One of the major drawback and sore point of the Google Nexus 6 phone is its battery. Not only does the phone had poor battery life but it also has technical issues with the battery. In several cases, it was found that due to the swelling of the battery it has caused the rear cover to jump open.

One such Google Nexus 6 user had a harrowing time with her smartphone. She says that the Nexus 6 was lying unused and not charged and still it just swelled up and exploded. She took to Twitter to post her experience and share the images of exploded Nexus 6.

The Nexus 6 battery in the case of this particular user not only swelled but actually exploded. Fortunately, the phone did not catch fire. This incident took place when the phone not being charged and was lying unused. However, it should have not caused the battery to explode, either.

One doesn’t get to hear too much about the Nexus 6 battery issues as the phone itself is not very popular. However, the battery issues is not some small issue that one can refuse to take notice and these issues need to be looked into with earnest intent. Taking a cue, hope to see Motorola take action on it and find some definite solution.

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Kavita Iyer
Kavita Iyer
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  1. Pff yeah I got this issue with mine. Besides the cover being lifted a bit the device randomly crashes when battery is below 65%. Basically, all a sudden it reports 0% battery and shuts down ?


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