Homemade 3-D Printed Gadget That Can Crack Any Master Lock Combination In Seconds

Homemade 3-D Printed Gadget Cracks Any Master Lock Combination in Seconds

Now, there is a device that can take any Master combination lock and open it in a few seconds — so if your life savings are protected by one of these venerable padlocks, you may want to look out for something that is protected against any criminal activity.

In April, Samy Kamkar, a hacker and engineer and the inventor of the handmade device disclosed the technique of cracking Master locks by taking care of the hitches in the dial’s spin, which indicate at the actual combination and restrict it to eight options. The things that your hands can do, a machine can often do it more quicker. Hence, Kamkar made a lock-cracking machine from off-the-shelf parts that converts the whole process into an automatic operation.

One part tightly grasps the dial and spins to the numbers as it goes through the procedure of examining the resistance capacity that shows the combo. In the meantime, a little lever pulls on the shackle at the right moments to check and see if the lock opens after each try. You can see an comprehensive and thorough explanation of the device in Kamkar’s video below, but if you do not know the dissimilarity between DC and AC, or what a stepper motor is, it may be a bit too technical to enjoy.

Do you think your Master lock is in danger? It is possible that a thief may put one of these things together, but just as the same way they would carry around a pair of heavy-duty cutting instrument, which are a more universal lock-opening device. Now, you can be less worried about your school locker or gym clothes getting stolen as they are less in danger than they were yesterday!!!

Kamkar is no novice to such devices, in January, Kamkar had developed a $10 USB wall charger which could read data from any wireless keyboard manufactured by Microsoft. He has named the device as KeySweeper  and had also released a do it yourself tutorial on GitHub.

Source: Samy

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