Huawei is working on its own smartphone OS, Kirin to take on Xiaomi’s MIUI OS

Report suggests that Huawei may launch its own Kirin OS for smartphones to take on Xiaomi’s MIUI

Of late, there has been a lot of rumor floating around regarding Huawei collaborating with Google this year to manufacture the next-gen Nexus handset. However, if this rumor turns out to be true, it will be a huge break for Huawei, who has been trying hard to make its presence felt in the Western markets.

In addition to this, Huawei also wants to become less dependent on its third-party partners and release its own operating system. Huawei who is already making its own Kirin chipsets plans to do the same in terms of software if the most recent reports are anything that one can go by.

The operating system, developed internally by Huawei, will be named as Kirin OS, which could, in the long run, replace Android on its future products. However, Huawei, the 4th biggest vendor of smartphones haven’t mentioned anything about the news leak.

This piece of information comes at a time when some of the older reports had claimed that both Huawei and ZTE were busy in developing their own mobile operating system, in an effort to break away from Android.

All of Huawei’s products until now use Android, which is enhanced by a customized user interface (UI) on top, like many other smartphone manufacturers. The company came up with this idea of having its own operating system after what Samsung started with its Tizen.

However, many rumors are on the way, and this should not stop Huawei from working with Google on an upcoming Nexus smartphone.

It looks like reducing dependency on Google’s OS is the hottest topic in these recent months. One may recollect that Cyanogen has famously declared its intention of developing an Android version that is no longer dependent on Google.

According to Gizmo China, the Chinese device maker is working on a phone equipped with a self-developed mobile system, dubbed Kirin OS. The operating system has been in development in the company’s laboratories for the past three years. Kirin OS is claimed to be a standalone operating system that will work together with Huawei’s in-house silicone device.

It has become a task for many manufacturers to come up with their own operating systems to work against the Android and iOS. According to IDC, more than 96% of smartphones all over the globe having Android and iOS have dominated the 1st part of this year.

On the other hand, Samsung in partnership with Intel developed an open & multi platform operating system called ‘Tizen’, which is compatible with Android and Firefox OS applications.

Tizen is already put into effect in a low cost smartphone called ‘Z1? along with few South Korean company’s watches and are being sold in few markets.

In this regard, it looks like the Chinese manufacturer is following the footsteps of Samsung, who, after producing its Exynos SoC, took to producing its own operating system called Tizen. The OS is slow to start off, though.

The Samsung Z1 is the only smartphone on the market made with Tizen. The Korean tech giant also launched a bunch of wearables running on the Tizen platform. That’s about it. It looks like that we are still many years away from seeing third-party manufacturers choose Tizen for their products.

Other manufacturers are interested in the low-cost game like Mozilla and its Firefox Operating System, which got installed in few entry level devices. The Operating System of Firefox is designed so well that it can be used as an OS for all types of Screens like in-car systems to connected watches and from smartphones to televisions.

Huawei’s OS might end up meeting a similar fate like Tizen, unless the company succeeds to come up with something very unusual or remarkable that has the ability to make everyone forget all about Android. Well, it’s looks impossible at this point of time.

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