Microsoft announces Windows 10 as its last version of OS

Windows 10 to be the last version from Microsoft, Microsoft wont follow up with Windows 11 or Windows 12

There won’t be a Windows 11. Yes, Windows 10 is going to be the last traditional release by the operating service (OS), according to a Microsoft developer. However, Microsoft will better it by adding enhancements and updates in the future.

Microsoft employee Jerry Nixon, a developer evangelist speaking at the company’s Ignite conference this week said, “Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10.”

Instead of releasing new major versions, the product will be bettered in regular instalments and automatic updates, much similar to apps and modern browsers.

When Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 last year, it continued working on the base of Windows 10 all through last year, a strategy that will not occur again due to the OS’s rolling update status. The company will continue to further push updates to this latest OS, but will avoid releasing a complete new version.

Microsoft’s plan to launch Windows as a service has been cited as the reason for this change. However, it doesn’t really explain how it plans to do so. TheVerge report points out “Microsoft has altered the way it engineers and delivers Windows, and the initial result is Windows 10. Instead of big releases, there will be regular improvements and updates. Part of this is achieved by splitting up operating system components like the Start Menu and built-in apps to be separate parts that can be updated independently to the entire Windows core operating system.”

A Microsoft spokesperson later told the news site that “Recent comments at Ignite about Windows 10 are reflective of the way Windows will be delivered as a service bringing new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner, with continuous value for our consumer and business customers.”

The latest build for Windows 10 was recently announced by the company. Windows 10 is likely to be released as a free download later this year, along with different versions for different devices, that includes PCs, tablets, mobiles, single-board computers and XBOX One.

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