Microsoft to push Windows 10 updates directly on the Windows Phones

Carriers to be sidestepped, Microsoft to push Windows 10 updates directly to phones

One of the major argument against Android is the issue of fragmentation and this has caused a lot of resentment among the users as well. Android firmware upgrades are a slow process because of hundreds of Android smartphone manufacturers in the market. It so happens that some of the smartphones are still operating on Android 4.0 Jellybean due to the fragmentation of upgrade process.

Microsoft does not want the same to happen with its devices as well. And while the argument rages as to whether fragmentation is actually such a big deal, Microsoft has decided to completely sidestep the carriers from the field in regards to the release of Windows 10. Microsoft has almost certainly taken one of the most significant decisions, which will possibly put them ahead of Android and at par with iOS.

Microsoft, in a post published earlier this month to Microsoft’s Blogging Windows blog, stated that its “continuous update process [will apply] to all Windows 10 devices, including phones.” On Friday, Ed Bott of ZDNet confirmed with Microsoft that this means what we all hoped it means that all Windows 10 mobile devices will get the same updates at the same time.

In addition, ZDNet stated that carriers will still be able to test Windows 10 updates, but that updates will be unveiled together at once for everyone on every carrier.

It is remarkable that Microsoft’s Windows 10 update policy is a break from the Android world where manufacturers and carriers are allowed to have a say as to which devices will get updates and when. The policy is also more in-line with how Apple handles iOS updates. It also means that Windows 10 phones will have more chances to receive important security updates as they become available.

Even though Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 phones will get updates simultaneously, it is likely that one might not receive Windows 10 on their phone right away. According to ZDNet, it may take a few months for carriers to make Windows 10 available to all compatible devices after the new OS makes its appearance this fall. In that case, one will need to be patient at first. Despite of this, Windows 10’s policy update looks to be a welcome step in the right direction for users.

With less manufacturers in the Windows Phone space, Microsoft can achieve its direct update policy without relying on the smartphone makers.

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