Robots can autonomously park or steer your car without human interference

Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Recovery Tool (AVERT) Robots can park, move and steer your car without your help

As time goes,  more and more jobs are being assigned to Robots and Androids. Now researchers are devising methods to move a locked car without any human help. Every year hundreds of lives are lost when terrorists plant bombs in cars and leave them in busy human areas to cause maximum damage. The AVERT project hopes to be able to help the authorities move just dangerous cars out of human range without the help of humans and thereby save hundreds of lives.

Designed to move such suspicious vehicles laden with explosives, the Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Recovery Tool (AVERT) project is being funded by the European Union.


AVERT works by using laser-based LIDAR to verify obstacles and extraction routes to the car through its single deployment unit. Once it maps such obstacles and extraction routes, the same are feeded to the robots to move the car slowly and securely out of human range to a no mans land.

In case of emergency, AVERT has a fail safe mode which can be overridden remotely and the control of the car can be given back to humans. Watch the video below to understand what AVERT is all about.

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