TRAI bungling continue, Internal business email, comments on Net-Neutrality and private wedding album made public in fresh snafu

TRAI make office mails, wedding albums received as comments on Net-Neutrality public

Right from internal office mails of a software MNC to a private wedding album or a foreign trip proposal, telecom regulator, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) released 10 lakh drafts in the form of comments that it got on net-neutrality proposals and made it public.

TRAI had asked for public’s written views on draft suggestions for over-the-top services like WhatsApp and Skype as well as on net neutrality until April 24.

The public were invited to post their comments to a common official email id of the regulator. However, the emails that were made public include a number of mails that have no connection to these draft proposals. Some of them even include personal and other official emails sent to TRAI.

A series of official mail sent to TRAI Advisor from IT company Oracle, are included in these “comments” requesting to attempt test compliance of its software installed for Do-Not-Disturb, which were made public.

The Oracle e-mail, which was made public said that “It is important to maintain, manage and substantiate with Oracle Licensing policy. Since we have not received any feedback and details from your end, this is a matter of concern to us. Such delays make us believe that Ministry of Communication & IT – National Don’t Call Register India is not giving this serious compliance issue its due importance,”

Telecom association’s, CMAI proposal to TRAI official for visit to Shenzhen offering selected delegates travel grants to pay travel expenses and free accommodation is among public comments on draft paper for regulatory framework for OTT services like messaging and Internet based calling.

CEO of Infosec Consortium, Jiten Jain said that “While TRAI has well arranged comments of telecom operators and leading industry bodies under separate head, it seems that the regulator did not even get time to look at public comments. I doubt if it will lend its ears to public before taking decision on net neutrality.”

IIC comprises of a group of 4,000 IT professionals that works on cyber-security and Internet governance matters.

The online photo album of a private wedding was made public by the regulator with a password to access it.

Amongst other comments by public on net-neutrality, mails send to TRAI Advisor from people to register complaint against telecom operators on Quality of Service — Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, DTH operator Tata Sky, Reliance Communication, mobile company Xiaomi have also been posted.

Many of the public comments which favor net neutrality carry identical message that were sent through campaign. However, many individuals have drafted their own comments opposing unfair pricing by telecom operators and mailed it to TRAI.

An individual, Charles Felix warned TRAI on unfair pricing for Internet based call of VoIP said “If heavy Internet traffic are of concern then call centres in India should be shut down that are offering technical support using VoIP.”

Harini Sudersan, who claims to be a lawyer from California, has issued a 10-page comment to TRAI.

Sudersan said that there is a cooperative relationship between OTT and telecom operators business and suggested “the solution is not to suppress technology and innovation, but to encourage more technology and more innovation”.

Many individuals sent only few lines as comment on the paper favouring net-neutrality and opposing unfair practices by telecom operators.

The cut off date for comments on TRAI’s paper was April 24, while May 8 is the last date for counter comments.

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