Global Repository website GitHub faces outage, Turkish hacker group, Team Herakles claims they brought it down for the ‘Lulz’

The global depository website was once again attacked through a Distributed Denial of Service  (DDoS) attack and was down throughout the world from 11.30 hrs UTC to 12.20 hrs UTC. The Turkish hacking group, Team Herakles claimed responsibility for the attack through a tweet

Team Herakles told the HackRead that they had attacked ¬†GitHub for ‘Lulz’ or fun. Team Herakles is the same hackers group which had brought down the Vatican city website earlier in April 2015 in response the the Pope Francis’s comments terming the Armenians massacred in Turkey as a ‘Genocide’

Whereas, GitHub’s woes continue after the longish attack on it by Chinese back hackers through the Great Cannon hack tool. GitHub had been brought down through the Great Cannon hack tool in the month of March, 2015 when it was offline for more than a week.

The GitHub team has however stated that it was down due to some ‘error’

Later it took the site completely down displaying the site under maintenance page and at 12.30 hrs UTC, the site was working normally.