uGet 2.0 Download Manager for Linux launched with Metalink Support and Better BitTorrent

At last, the final version of the uGet 2.0 download manager has been released for GNU/Linux operating systems. It is currently available for download for Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora-based distributions.

A long development cycle that included eleven development releases, uGet 2.0 has been shifted to the stable channel and it is all set to take care all your downloads in style, irrespective of the Linux operating system used.

At the moment of writing this article, there was no official announcement on the application’s website. uGet 2.0 includes many appealing features, such as a new settings dialog, support for uGet RSS messages in the banner and better BitTorrent and Metalink support in the aria2 plugin.

In addition, uGet 2.0 allows users now to alter the category selector in the main window for touch screens, supports sorting of all downloads by status, remembers panel position and category selection, and supports releasing of custom commands when download is complete.

Some underlying features were put in uGet 2.0, such as usage of the JSON file format for all data files, ability to set importance for each downloaded file, division for each data file, global speed control no affects all plugins, the ability to change category order, automatic classifier by file scheme, host, and extension.

uGet 2.0 also brings changes to the cURL and aria2 plugins, such as support for mirrors and multi-thread downloads in the cURL plugin, support for distributing files by their size before downloading in the cURL plugin, support for RPC permission secret token in the aria2 plugin and support for version 1 of aria2 control file format in the cURL plugin.

In addition, users will be allowed to add aria2’s “–out” command-line argument to put the output filename. In order to better remote aria2 downloading, JSON-RPC batch request are now supported in the aria2 plugin. Further, in order to avoid having lesser connections when specifying mirrors, add a “split” option has been added to the aria2 plugin.

All Linux users can download uGet 2.0 right now from Softpedia. When upgrading from uGet 1.x, please note that the downloaded files can’t be resumed by uGet 2.x if using the cURL plugin.

uGet 2.0 will also be available for Android, BSD, and Windows platforms in the coming days.


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