Amazon reveals Microsoft’s new Xbox One accidentally; All new Xbox One set to be launched on June 15

Microsoft’s new Xbox One accidently revealed by Amazon

The new Xbox One features expanded storage, a redesigned controller and come bundled with Halo at $400 price tag according to Amazon listing

When something is accidentally revealed on the internet, everyone is keen to look at it. For the most part, video game consoles stay relatively the same throughout their life cycles. While gaming PCs are usually built piece-by-piece and parts are updated regularly, the hardware inside a gaming console tends to stay the same. Many gamers believe that console gaming is generally easier and a more consistent experience, but sacrifices the modular nature and flexibility of PC gaming.

That’s not to say that the console you buy on day one is the exact same as a model released five years later. Publishers will typically release a number of different SKUs throughout the years. For example, the PlayStation 3 Slim is only half the size of the original model. The internal hardware is basically the same; it’s just in a more efficient package. Aside from a few bundles, the current console generation has yet to see any updated models hit the market. It’s still relatively early-on in the new hardware’s lifespan, true but there are definitely some improvements that gamers have been asking for. If the rumors are true, Microsoft is planning to release a new version of its Xbox One console on this summer.

The Amazon listing in question details a number of updates heading to Microsoft’s console: the most notable is the upgraded storage space, as the Xbox One now features a 1TB hard drive instead of the standard 500GB, a new controller that features a built-in headset port and Halo. A new model of the system’s controller will also be included, and features a standard 3.5mm headphone jack meaning that gamers will finally be able to use their own headsets instead of Microsoft’s proprietary model. As per the listing, the product would launch on June 15 and will be sold for $400 (£260).

Microsoft have of course refused to confirm this news but instead hyped up their conference at E3 where it is expected to show off the new console as well as launch its flagship games. Also, the statement from Microsoft to Engadget seemed to confirm that the two events were related.

Microsoft executive told the site that “We’re gearing up for an exciting E3 where we’ll showcase more games and experiences. We have nothing further to share at this time.”

Stay tuned for more.


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