Enjoy the beautiful 4K, 60 fps videos from space which NASA will now start uploading on YouTube

Breathtaking 4K, 60fps videos of space can now be experienced on your computer screen thanks to NASA and YouTube

Towards the end of last week, NASA started offering “4K Ultra High Definition (UHD)” videos on YouTube. Last year YouTube successfully tested its new ability of serving 4K videos at a relatively smooth frame rate of 60 frames per second (fps).

The video enclosed here is one of its first UHDs which NASA posted into its YouTube account- ReelNASA. The one given here is a short tease however the magnificent ones are yet come in near future.

ReelNASA is one of NASA’s official YouTube accounts and it has most of the International Space Station’s video content.

NASA said: “The view of life in space is getting a major boost with the introduction of 4K Ultra High-Definition video.”

“This important new capability will allow researchers to acquire high resolution – high frame rate video to provide new insight into the vast array of experiments taking place.”

Earlier the 4K videos from International Space Station like the ones from European Space Agency or even some from ReelNASA have been achieved from time lapses made from a large batch of still photos. However, these required lots of time as well as editing and hence NASA has now decided to download real time UHD which indirectly means that 4K would reach internet much faster.

It was in April 2015 when NASA published breathtaking footages of their astronaut Terry Virts using GoPros in space, wherein the astronaut had took part in some of the extravehicular activities using certain devices. The video had shown exactly what an astronaut visualizes while working on the International Space Station.

Prior to this Virts had even used Vine to share some of the amazing short videos from space.

NASA hence decided to show the magnificent views which an astronaut can actually see from the International Space Station in real time to their viewers.

The main hitch here is that most computers and laptops are not able to support 4K videos at 60fps videos yet and viewers will have to wait for some before they will be able to enjoy these stunning videos.

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