How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop A Bullet? [VIDEO]

Ever since the iPhones were introduced a few years ago, they have truly revolutionized the smartphone industry. Not only are they famed for their great software, they also sport a durable Aluminium built. Have you ever pondered if an iPhone can serve as body armor? Though the iPhone 6 has plenty of exclusive features, but even Apple’s flagship product can’t stop a bullet all by itself.

Well, thanks to this neat little video from YouTube user “EverythingApplePro,” we now precisely know how many iPhones it would take to stop a round from an AK-74, the AK-47’s 70’s-born, higher version cousin.

So, there you have it people. It takes 4-5 iPhones to stop a bullet.

Do keep this thing in mind the next time you are designing a new set of body-armor, supposing that you surely have several thousand dollars to blow.

You can visit their channel here and upvote him for wasting 5 iPhones just to bring this video to you!