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Apple’s most significant product of the 21st century has defined the smartphone segment for good, pushing the boundaries of innovation and finesse. Explore and stay on top of every development surrounding the iPhones, whether new updates, best apps for a productivity boost, or the latest model launch.


Apple Warns Users Not To Sleep Next To A Charging iPhone

Apple has issued a stern caution to iPhone users by outlining the potential dangers of charging the device in bed overnight while they are...
Turn Off/On Flashlight On iPhone

How To Turn Off/On Flashlight On iPhone

The iPhone comes with a variety of features that help users make their daily lives easier. One of these features is that you can...
Best Pokemon Emulator For iPhone

6 Best Pokemon Emulators For iPhone in 2023

Pokémon is one of the most popular and beloved media franchise founded by Nintendo. It consists of some of the best Video games, anime series,...
iPhone ultra

Apple Could Launch A New High-End iPhone ‘Ultra’ In 2024

Apple is reportedly working on a new, super high-end “iPhone Ultra” that could launch alongside the Pro and Pro Max models in 2024, according to...
Forgot Apple ID Password

Forgot Your Apple ID Password? How To Reset/ Retrieve Password

Forgot Your Apple ID Password? Well, don't worry anymore as you have landed on the correct webpage, and within a few minutes, you will regain...
iPhone Price Reduction

Apple Slashes Trade-In Prices For Older iPhones

Tech giant Apple has cut down the trade-in values for older iPhone models by up to $80 in the U.S., as spotted by MacRumors...
Screen Record iPhone

How To Screen Record On iPhone in 2023

Wondering, How To Record Screen On iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Luckily you have landed on the correct webpage, as in this article we...
Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

Fix: Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you may have received an alert saying Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector. Usually, the alert appears when the iPhone...
Change iPhone Alarm Volume

How To Set & Change The Alarm Volume On Your iPhone?

Have you ever felt that your iPhone’s Alarm Volume is too quiet or too loud? Luckily you can Turn Up Or Turn Down The...
How Old Is My iPhone

How Old is My iPhone? ‘Find Out Now’

iPhone ages with time but since they have better hardware and software than Android they tend to last longer. This is why several people are...