iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture feature hacked on iPad to get on with your game on while working

To encourage productivity on a tablet, Apple is adding all kind of new features for iPad users in iOS 9. However, developers are already trying to find ways with some simple hacks and zero jailbreaking to make these features fun by introducing gaming into them.

Adam Bell, an iOS developer has made it known to public that it is possible to hack iOS 9’s Picture-in-Picture feature on iOS 9 for iPads to run your favorite game. Picture in Picture is used to view FaceTime video calls and video playback from the home screen or within other apps so users can work with other apps without stopping the continuous process of playback.

Currently, the feature is limited only to Apple’s videos played through Safari and video apps; however, a public API is available for developers to let other video apps like YouTube to add support for Picture in Picture on iOS 9.

Bell’s demonstration of hacking does not require jailbreaking or process injection, and uses a public API as an alternative to push Doom into the smaller window so you game while you work. In his video, a demo from the game Doom is seen playing through Picture in Picture mode over the home screen.

According to Bell, the Picture-in-Picture hack is achieved by grasping the player layer & sticking the games CALayer over the top (or as sub layer). Further, the audio playback of the game can also be maintained with a proper audio session.

When the Picture-in-Picture feature was announced by Apple at WWDC, no details were given whether the third-party apps would ultimately get the ability to make it smaller to fit into the tiny screen too. Bell’s method of overcoming the problem makes the feature extremely useful; however, one hopes that Apple does not block the feature before it is released to the public.

Resource : Cult of Mac.