Know Tomorrow’s Weather With This Little Box called As Tempescope

Tempescope predicts accurate future weather with real rain and clouds

Forget the weather channel or the app on your phone to know the weather about tomorrow. Here comes an inventive box that discloses tomorrow’s weather in a far more ‘decorative’ display, known as Tempescope.

Tempescope is a physical weather display that imagines the weather by actually building the weather conditions inside a box. It gets weather forecasts from the internet to predict the weather.

Ken Kawamoto, the inventor of the Tempescope, is a software engineer and inventor. The instructions for building the Tempescope has been released by him, which means that one can make it if he/she has the skill to do so. Ken Kawamoto is fond of designing incredible inventions that “break the barrier between the digital world and the real world”, when he is not busy working his day job as a software engineer.

Kawamoto’s latest invention is a pretty little glass box that one can keep on a table at home to watch the future weather predictions unfold.

The Tempescope, which is a box shows tomorrow’s weather with real sun, rain, clouds and lightning. This box is yet to create the only common weather that is snow, which seems will surely come at some point in time. Weather patterns are encouraged inside the box, the same way as in real life.

The device is able to exist with weather programs and internet forecasts, letting it produce the weather right now as well as tomorrow’s weather. One can also program it to show weather from all over the world.

The coding and logistics behind this seriously cool invention has been disclosed by Kawamoto on Open Source. So if one can understand the technicalities behind this masterpiece, he/she can actually recreate his/her very own box that discloses tomorrow’s weather. Kawamoto has plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the majority of people who are unable to fluently speak and write in code sometime this year wherein one can pre-order the box of their own.

To recall, Kawamoto is the same genius inventor behind the interactive Cloud Lamp that brings a thunderstorm into your living room.

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