Matchlight a Dark Web Scanning Software can instantly detect the next Sony hack

Dark Web Scanning Software, ‘Matchlight’ to detect any Sony like hack immediately

The Sony executives came to know about the disastrous data breach that would send their emails flooding across the Web, only when an image of a skeleton flashed up on their computers screens with the warning: “…this is just a beginning.”

It would have likely taken weeks for Sony to become aware of the leaks had the hackers not decide to embarrass the company in public.

It looks like Sony has found a partner in its fight against malware attack via Terbium Labs. Terbium Labs, is a Baltimore-based startup founded by a pair of academics with backgrounds in large scale data analysis, quantum cryptography and working with the intelligence services. The company’s first product, Matchlight, is a data intelligence system that claims it can detect Sony hack and instantly locate stolen data on the dark Web the minute it appears, as well as on more publicly accessible forums and sites.

Danny Rogers, CEO of Terbium Labs explained that Matchlight uses computer speed in reading the internet to be able to do that immediate detection. He further explained that, while all dark web markets can be easily reached, there is no way for human analysts to be able to keep a record on the enlargement of their services, and that is where the system comes in.

The system can identify chunks of information as small as 14 characters and makes use of a Web crawler with a particular focus on the dark Web.

Rogers believes that if Sony Pictures had been using Matchlight, it would have been notified of its dramatic data loss within minutes or even seconds. He proved his claim by quoting one of the results from its beta testing program. According to him, “Our system identified about 3,000 of its credit card numbers appearing on a dark Web marketplace within about 30 seconds of that leak. That allowed it to know which accounts were compromised before any fraudulent transactions occurred.”

Since January, Terbium has been running the private beta testing program for its dark web scanning software with five Fortune 500 and Fortune 5000 companies. Starting today, the company is opening this program to other companies.

Sony could have indeed avoided the epic hack last year, which used famous malware available from the black market had it been using Matchlight, like what Rogers is claiming. Well, it remains to be seen; however, this makes it clear that building up your defences will never be sufficient.

If Matchlight is successful in being that dark web scanning software which Sony needs to strengthen its defense against information theft, we could end up seeing data breaches been cleaned up quicker and their effects minimized. That will make for much better business and less dramatic copy.

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