CyanogenMod Team releases teaser of a flexible open-source Chromium based browser called ‘Gello’

Are you ready for a new Android browser? CyanogenMod team offers first look at its own take on Chromium called Gello.

CyanogenMod staff member Joey Rizzoli has just come out on Google+ today to announce a new browser project the team has been working on. It’s called “Gello”. It seems apparent that it’s built at least in some capacity on Google’s open source Chromium project (which the Mountain View Company’s flagship Chrome browser is based on as well).

Android ROM developer CyanogenMod has been working on Gello, an open-source browser based on Google’s Chromium project that includes loads of customization options.

Early demo videos show features from the current build that may or may not make it to the final version, including an offline reading mode, immersive and night modes, site-by-site settings for privacy and security and the ability to save downloads in a preferred location and name files before saving them.

A quick trailer released by Rizzoli on his Google+ page, showing off some really quick screenshots of some of the app’s current features. There seems to be some kind of “Night mode” and “Immersive mode” options, configurable download settings (including the ability to choose file paths), an interface that can be customized to the user’s liking, a “save for offline” mode, and more.

It’s worth noting that Gello won’t be released on Cyanogen OS, which runs on the popular OnePlus One phone; that’s a separate project handled by Cyanogen Inc. Instead, it will be available in a future version of CyanogenMod’s Android ROM.

Some of the most notable options in Gello include:

  • the option to save pages for offline reading
  • the ability to rename and alter the save location of downloads
  • night mode
  • immersive mode
  • power saver mode
  • moving between sites with an “edge swipe”
  • site-by-site privacy settings, including pop-up, microphone, and ad controls

CyanogenMod doesn’t yet have a release date for Gello. The team noted that its browser won’t be compatible with older devices that have a small storage partition.

There’s still no word on when Gello will actually launch this, though we’re guessing CyanogenMod will have more news to share soon with every one of us.

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