E-Housing startup Housing.com hacked, message on defaced page shows support for ousted CEO Rahul Yadav

Housing.com hacked, defaced page shows solidarity with deposed CEO Rahul Yadav

Indian e-Housing start up was today hacked and hackers defaced the home page. The defaced homepage showed a message supporting the ousted CEO Rahul Yadav. This immediately led to the fingers pointing to Rahul Yadav in the hack attack.

However Rahul Yadav brushed the allegation of being involved in the hack. He posted, “I would have DESIGNED it better. #NotInvolved #LoveYouTechTeam” on his Facebook page.

The unknown hackers deface the Housing.com homepage  showing the message in the tweet below; the phrase ‘Chief Architect’ seems to refer to Yadav, with the message as a call for his reinstatement as the chief executive.


Housing and Rahul Yadav have been in news recently for all the wrong reasons. First Rahul Yadav had resigned from the company only to be cajoled back. A few days later he had gifted shares worth Rs.200 crores from his personal holding to the staff of Housing.com.

A few days ago he was sacked as CEO by the investors and board of directors.

Sample a few tweets that were doing round once the hacking of Housing.com became known.

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