Is it the end for Adobe’s Flash Player? After Facebook; Mozilla decides to kill it

Facebook calls for end to Flash as Firefox blocks it over hacking holes

Flash Players’s problems began somewhere in March, 2013, when security researchers discovered not one but five Zero-days and flaws in the software. Since then Flash Player has been on a downhill ride to hell.

This year has really been bad for Flash, with two more Zero-days being discovered before the Hacking Team hack attack. Now with the Hacking Team leaks becoming public, it seems, Adobe’s Flash Player seems ready for extermination.

Microsoft has already ditched Flash Player in its upcoming Microsoft Edge browser in favour of its Silverlight, while Google’s Chrome is no longer be supporting it in favour of HTML5. Even YouTube has ditched Flash for HTML5. Now Facebook Security honcho, Alex Stamos has called for it to be killed off completely.

Really simultaneously, Mozilla has also decided to kill Flash Player support in Firefox browsers.

However in some computers, Firefox is still offering update option for Flash according to Naked Security.

Facebook calls for end to Flash as Firefox blocks it over hacking holes

Facebook’s Stamos was not so kind in his words for Flash Player. He said that the decommissioning of Flash needed to be set in stone so that the industry has time to switch away from the much maligned plugin.

There are already many alternatives have been made available in the market to replace Flash. Several high-profile video streaming services, including Sky TV and Netflix switched to Microsoft’s Silverlight instead of Flash. Even Silverlight, however, has been rejected by browsers including Google’s Chrome, forcing others to use HTML5. Apple has already blocked Flash from existing on its iPhone and iPad and moved towards more modern and secure technologies.

I think its time to say goodbye to Flash for good


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