Meet Lily, the world’s first throw and shoot camera drone that can capture everything you do

Lily is the world’s first throw and shoot camera drone that is always following you no matter where you go.

Set to diversify action filmmaking away from POV shots, the self-flying Lily Camera is initiated with a simple toss in the air. All you have to do is throw it in the air to start shooting. It is designed mainly for sport enthusiasts. The Lily Camera can have a lot of uses other than recording. It then follows its owner, capturing HD footage at 1080p/60fps or 720p/120fps and 12 MP images at up to 25mph. It has waterproof synced audio through the tracking device; this buzz requires very little user control, perfect for filmmakers who often find themselves in front of the camera. The only thing you’ll need to do is make sure you stay away from trees, buildings and other obstacles because, like the 90s song, the Lily will go wherever you will go.

Perhaps only reading about it is not convincing enough, but when you’ll watch the video you will realize that this could be one of the coolest gadgets that you could ever own. The self flying drone that can capture everything you do is designed to follow you outdoors with the help of complex software and a GPS tracker.

It can fly at a minimum altitude above your head of 5 ft (1.75m) and a max of 50 ft (15m). It has a 20 min flight autonomy provided by a Built-in Lithium-Ion Battery that needs 2 hours to be fully charged. It weights 2.8 lbs (1.3kg) and it’s 10.29in x 10.29in (26×26 cm).

The initial price is really amazing, costing only $499 until the 15th of June. If you order it now you will obtain it in February 2016. You will have to pay the full retail price of $999 if you decide to wait until the official launching. Additional accessories such as propellers, cases, etc. will be available for purchase online. Buying it now and changing your mind afterwards comes with no penalties, as your money will be fully refunded.

This project started in September 2013 when Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow built the first prototype of Lily in the basement of the UC Berkeley robotics lab.

Now totally free from having to hold or maneuver a camera, the Lily owner can be featured and included in all shots from casual outdoor activities to travel, snow, surf, golf, hiking, boating, and family adventures.

“Point-and-shoot devices, action cameras, camcorders, and DSLRs have served us well on the ground and attached to drones, but we’ve always wanted a richer, more contextual point-of-view,” said Antoine Balaresque, CEO and co-founder of Lily. “Lily automatically creates exciting close range photos and wide, cinematic shots previously reserved for professional filmmakers.”

The Lily Camera is tough enough to endure challenging winds and water. “Home base” to Lily is the owner’s hand. Through the tracking device, the owner commands Lily to make a graceful palm landing. That same tracking device also enables audio recording which is automatically synchronized with the camera’s footage, an option not offered on drones that carry a separate camera.

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