Microsoft Windows 10 has a battery level bug and Intel is working to fix it

Intel and Microsoft working together to fix Windows 10 battery bug

With Microsoft leaving no stones unturned to make its upcoming operating system Windows 10 on July 29th event a grand success,  it seems to have landed a big problem on its hands; a battery bug. Intel on Thursday confirmed that the company is reportedly working around to fix this bug, which affects the battery life that will run on the Windows 10 machines.

Once the problem has been resolved, the battery level of the Windows 10 machines will become equal to the Windows 8 machines said an Intel spokesman. Intel is planning to terminate the bug with an upcoming patch, which in turn will help battery life, revealed a PCWorld report. The decrease in battery life reportedly does not go beyond 10 percent, as the effect of the bug is allegedly minor. However, Intel plans to deal with the issue before the Windows 10 launch next week.

Microsoft, Intel and various other app developers are continuously working to fix the bug and finalize the drivers, as the Windows 10 is scheduled to hit the market shortly. Microsoft had send an update for the Intel’s GPU, but in turn, it failed to update for many people.

Since Windows 10 is a new operating system, it is expected that it will need performance optimizations and new drivers to make sure chips and PCs run the Windows 10 without any problems. Currently, Intel is collaborating with Microsoft on fixing drivers for better battery performance on the new operating system throughout all Intel platforms.

An Intel spokesman released a statement saying,

“Intel and Microsoft are working to optimize drivers for battery performance on Windows 10 across Intel platforms. While we are working on technical optimizations, we have seen very minor hits to battery life but even the upper end of what we have seen is below 10 percent. Do know that we expect battery life on Windows 10 systems to be nearly the same as on Windows 8.1 systems once the final Windows 10 drivers have been updated and released.”

Microsoft offered this indirect statement in response,

“A benefit of delivering Windows 10 as a service means we continue to offer ongoing innovations and security updates, continuously improving Windows 10.”

Microsoft, as for now, has stopped the coding part, and no further Windows 10 TP builds will be released until the launch day. It looks like that, on the “day 0” itself, there will be an large amount of software update that will be rolled out for the devices, both via Microsoft Store too and via Microsoft Windows Update.

We all are aware that many of the bugs were fixed during beta versions and also in the early stage of Windows 10 development phase. But, “day 0” will definitely include a firmware update for laptops and the Intel based personal computers. However, it is still not sure as to whether the battery bug would be fixed within that time.

Constant bug fixes and driver updates are needed to make sure that the operating systems run smoothly, as they keep receiving constant patches and updates. Microsoft has given assurances to its users that it will have support for Windows 10 until 2025, but companies such as Intel will also continue to develop updates to coincide with whatever update Microsoft rolls out.

Currently, it is difficult to find out how well devices will deal in terms of battery life with the new operating system running them. However, we ought to get more clarity on the same once it is out on July 29. Intel will also be doing its best to provide support to Microsoft’s forthcoming operating system so that it can have a smooth run.

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