WhatsApp for Web update, to have mobile-like features as well as more control over chats and group conversations.

Whatsapp web so far has been like an icing on the cake for WhatsApp fans worldwide. WhatsApp for Web has now been updated to include some mobile-like features as well as more control over chats and group conversations.

Since half a year it has got some slight changes like skin tone emoji’s. Now users can even manage their profile photo and status using this web interface. However, you will be getting an alternative to update your photo. An edit symbol appears next to status and lets you to share all with your contacts. Some UI tweaks have also been integrated in this update.

The update comes from the server side; you will not need to do anything apart from opening your web browser.

Subsequently, the settings overflow for your chats shows a few new actions. You can delete and archive one-on-one chats, mute, or exit group chats. The same options are available in the left conversation list when you drift over them or right-click them.

According to some screenshots by Android Police, you will also observe there are keyboard shortcuts for each action, but these seem to be appearing and reappearing periodically, add the report. This could signify, WhatsApp is still working on the feature.

The contacts and group information pages have also been slightly tweaked. One will find big red buttons to delete chats or exit groups. Unlike your phone, you don’t need wait for an update or manually allow it under Settings, they are simply server triggered. Therefore simply launching WhatsApp Web in your browser should give you the new features.

On the whole, it is a big update, one that needs no hoaxing around from the user’s end. Still then, WhatsApp sure has a long way to go from being a messenger as complete as Facebook’s Messenger platform. Things however are clear now that Facebook owns WhatsApp.


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