Top Model Charlotte Mckinney Hacked, Nude Photos Leaked on Instagram and Imgur

Charlotte Mckinney becomes the latest celebrity victim of hackers after her naked images are posted on her Instagram

Busty model Charlotte Mckinney yesterday become the latest celebrity victim of the hackers. Unknown hackers hacked her Instagram account to pose a set of NSFW images on Wednesday. The images were removed on Thursday but not before countless users had already shared them across platforms.

Prima facie it seems that someone hacked her smartphone to obtain the images and later used her Instagram credentials to post the images.

The images are very grainy and extremely NSFW but the captions put the hackers are more saucy and too hot to handle.

Her spokesman confirmed that Charlotte had been hacked, “Charlotte has once again become a victim of hacking,” the spokesman told The Daily Caller. “It is disgusting someone does this and hopefully laws will change to protect people from these cyber attacks.”

One of her followers commented, “I will never understand how this is how one enjoys their time. Violating others private moments or personal information. LOSERS!!!”

Another said, “F*** them some people jst try to interfere wit others life’s cus their unhappy with themselves.”

“Someone hacked into her phone, copied the picture and uploaded it to her instagram. Curious,” said another.

“Judging from the nature of the images, we think it’s safe to say the Carl’s Jr. model has been hacked, with the first photo showing a close-up of a woman’s torso,” said MTV News.

As readers will know that Charlotte is not new to hacking. The Kate Upton lookalike already had her NSFW images splashed all over image sharing websites last April.

It is not known whether the current set of images are from the previous hack attack or a new set.

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