Xiaomi Mi 5 or Mi 4i 32GB version? Xiaomi teases new device ahead of 22nd July launch

Xiaomi to launch a new smartphone on 22nd July, the question is will it be flagship Mi 5 or upgraded 64GB Mi 4i

On one hand, where OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone company is busy sending out invites for the official flagship launch of OnePlus 2 on July 27, while on the other, Xiaomi, another Chinese smartphone maker took to Twitter just a few hours ago where the Mi India account teased an upcoming device with the words “Something new is coming 22/7, spearheading our #MiAnniversary celebrations. RT with your guesses!”

Xiaomi will be completing its first year in the Indian market on July 22 (tomorrow). To celebrate the day, the Chinese company has announced that it will launch several new products and promotions.

The company has released a teaser related to one such product. It contains a cryptic matchstick puzzle, where the matchsticks are arranged to read 16 and which reads Move 4 to double.

Going by the teaser, it looks like the company is likely to announce an upgraded (32GB) model of an existing device, which could probably be the Mi 4i given that the company’s VP Hugo Barra had promised variants with higher capacity of the handset at its India launch.

The latest mid-range device from Xiaomi comes $130 (Rs.8200) with specs better than most. Right now, the Mi 4i is available only in a 16GB variant with a fair small amount of internal storage and has no provision for a microSD card slot, something that has really angered users quite a bit. Having a 32GB version of the phone would be pack a lot in terms of internal storage and also be useful to the users.

Also another guess that was made of the teaser was that it could be a Mi Note Pro for another region. The matchsticks that make up the numbers and the equal sign below could be an indication of just how hot the Snapdragon 810 processor gets that powers the Mi Note Pro.

Other possibilities could include the least likely of all for the Mi 5, the successor to Xiaomi’s most well-known lineup of phones or the Xiaomi “Libra” which is a more high-end phone that runs the Snapdragon 808 chipset.

If Xiaomi Mi 5 is launched tomorrow, indications are it will be priced at sub Rs.15000 ($235) to keep up the competitive edge Xiaomi has in the Indian market.

With just a day away from the announcement, it will be interesting to see the products revealed by Xiaomi tomorrow. Watch out for the latest news the product released by Xiaomi tomorrow on Techworm.

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