Hactivists hack Donald Trump’s website and use it to pay tribute to Daily Show’s Jon Stewart

United States Presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s website hacked by Hacktivists to post a tribute to Jon Stewart.

The group of Canadian hacktivists called TelecomixCanada have hacked and defaced United States Presidential candidate and controversial billionaire, Donald Trump’s website.

The defaced page which is still available online here contains a message for Jon Stewart of the Daily Show for his steady criticism of Donald Trump, and starts with “Your Moment of Zen, Mr Stewart.”

TelecomixCanada are considered to be the affiliates of the online hacktivism group Anonymous. Anonymous generally oppose anything to do with infringement of freedom where TelecomixCanada work on digital rights of Internet users. They broadly report such news which the main stream media in North America does not publish or chooses not report upon.

Soon after the hacking Donald Trump’s website, TelecomixCanada made a paste on Pastebin. The paste says that they have hacked Trump’s website in honour of the last week of Stewart’s comments in a program, Daily Show on Comedy Central lambasting the presidential candidate, Trump.


Donald Trump is estimated to be worth $4 billion USD and has been in headlines for his sarcastic jibes on his opponents. Despite image and his comments, he seems to be surging ahead in the opinion polls ahead of the first Republican presidential debate. According to NBC, Trump is the first choice of 19 percent of GOP primary voters, while 15 percent back Walker and 14 percent back Bush. Ten percent support retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

The defaced page can be accessed here.

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