Lets have a look at some of the highest paid positions at Google

What Google pays its engineers to run its gigantic operations

We had given a report about how much Facebook engineers earn, now lets look at the other biggie in the tech space, Google. Google, now owned by Alphabet Inc., is basically an engineering firm and among those Tech companies who are ready to pay the highest pay-packages to their engineers.

However, it is not just the programmers who are highly paid and Google also pays top dollars for their deserving candidates, irrespective of the field, such as the marketing executives, finance executives and the legal counselors.

Recently, Business Insider, gave an insight of the highly paid packages which Google offers to their deserving candidates. BI used the salary data from Glassdoor to provide us the details.

In this article we have compiled a list of the different positions, in ascending order, which offers an awesome annual package to the appropriate candidate at Google. The salaries mentioned are just the ‘average base salary’ which does not include any bonuses and it is mainly dependent on the experience of the candidate. Glassdoor says they have harnessed the details from an anonymous report wherein Google’s employees have willingly shared the details of their annual income.

(Note: We have not listed the salaries of CEO or senior VPs because they definitely are the ones who are paid the highest pay package in a multi hundred thousand dollar range.)

Staff Hardware Engineer: Salary drawn$183,948 

At its core Google is a software company, however of late the company has also paved its way into developing its own hardware like the Nexus phones, tablets and many others. Hence, Google is constantly in need of hardware engineers. So hardware engineers definitely stand a chance to earn around $185,000 a year at Google.

Technical Program Manager IV: Salary drawn

Technical program manager is basically responsible for successful managing and completion of various projects. Their responsibility includes managing project schedules, prior identification of any major risks involved and also communicating with the stake holders.

Corporate Counsel: Salary drawn: $189,262  

Google employs some of the best lawyers to advise the company on legal matters and ensure that things continue to run smoothly. Though Google is not involved in any major legal battles it definitely pays some of the best salaries to its lawyers. A typical corporate counsel would earn anything around $189,000 a year.

Senior Sales Strategy Manager: Salary drawn: $190.727  

The candidate for this post needs to focus on advertising and inventing better ways to sell Google’s products to customer. Hence it is essential to have the best strategy and likewise the candidate also deserves to earn a package around $190,000 a year. 

Communications Manager: Salary drawn$190,734  

For an enormous corporation like Google it is pretty important that the company is able to clearly convey its mission and statements, thus the role of communications manager becomes important for Google and the deserving candidate can draw an yearly package of around $191,000 a year.

Engineering Manager II: Salary drawn$191,552  

An engineering manager sort of supervises a team of engineers who would be responsible for accurate development, tests and creating new Google products.

Staff User Experience designer: Salary drawn: $191,881  

Google is well known for its search engine which has a friendly User Interface. Other products of Google like its Android too is very much UI and hence Google is ready to pay its designers an awesome salary of around $192,000 a year for designing an user friendly product.

Senior Online Sales and Operations Manager: Salary drawn: $192,915

Google mainly deals into internet related services and products hence advertising is an important aspect of Google and essential for the overall turnover of the company. Thus Google needs competent talent at this position and is ready to pay around $193,000 to the deserving candidate.

Site Reliability Engineer: Salary drawn: $193,409

Google, is one of the leading search engine which maintains almost 100% up-time, hence it is essential to ensure the websites are working scrupulously at any given point of time. The apt candidate for this post would be some one who can handle any problems and is able to fix issues that might arise into any of Google’s services. The person should also have a thorough knowledge of web designing and should be a very good trouble shooter. The deserving candidate is also paid a huge amount of $193,000 a year.

Senior Product Manager: Salary drawn: $197,252

A senior product manager leads the diversified engineering teams to come together and achieve a common goal so they are an important in an overall progress of Google. Deserving candidates can earn $197,000 a year.

Various Positions for Engineers: Google. as already mentioned, is an engineering company at its core and hence it offers various tiers for its engineers which are differentiated via their skill, experience and responsibilities. Thus based on these factors the pay-package also varies and here is a rundown of these varying tiers:

  • Staff Software Engineer: Salary drawn: $201,565
  • Lead Software Engineer: Salary drawn: $207,211
  • Senior Staff Software Engineer: Salary drawn: $210,462
  • Senior Software Engineering Manager: Salary drawn: $235,772

Group Product Manager: Salary drawn: $243,299  

A Key person for all the on going projects at Google, this is an important position. The group product manager is expected to interact with sales, software engineers, marketing managers and all the major members of any project.

Business operations principal: Salary drawn: $253,591

As per Google’s requirement a candidate who has at least 6 years of experience can apply for this position. A deserving candidate needs to coordinate with the senior leaders of Google and help to develop and launch projects delegated to them.

Directors: Different processes have a key person appointed as Director who is overall responsible for that particular section of Google. So we have marketing director, Engineering director and the Finance director.

  • Marketing Director: Salary drawn: $268.936 This person is responsible for overall advertising and publicity of Google’s services and products.
  • Engineering director: Salary drawn: $272,370 This person is totally responsible for all aspects of engineering be it software or hardware.
  • Finance director: Salary drawn: $339,825 The “highest paid” positions in Google. This is a huge surprise isn’t it? Though Google is a tech firm, the highest paid position is that of a Finance director and not an engineering position. Well, it goes without saying that a person appointed as finance director has umpteen responsibilities and the person needs to ensure that the company’s books and financial statements are accurate. Even a minuscule error can result in huge financial loses and thus Google offers a huge pay package to their Finance director.

Well, readers you need not be an Engineer to deserve the best pay package at a large corporation like Google. You can also be someone who has excellent marketing skills or a person who has great liking for financial subjects or even a person who just loves law books to grab the best position and one of the best pay packages in your life.

*All remunerations are taken from Glassdoor

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