iPhone survives 9,300-foot fall and located using Find My Phone App

Texas Businessman finds his iPhone using Find My Phone app after dropping it from 9,300 feet during an US flight

A Texas businessman who dropped his iPhone from a height of more than 9,300 feet during a flight from Houston found his smartphone in a rural field by locating it through Apple’s Find My Phone app.

According to The Wichita Falls Times Record News, Ben Wilson says his phone still worked even though it was “scratched a bit” after the incident on a plane.

Wilson said he was travelling home with a pilot in a Beechcraft Bonanza, aircraft, when the passenger door slightly opened due to a pressure drop.

He realized that his iPhone had been sucked out of the plane during the accident only upon landing.

Ben Wilson, owner of Gas Corporation of America, said: “The pressure popped and a newspaper flew out but I didn’t see the phone go. After we got back I looked for it on the floor (of the plane) and in my briefcase but couldn’t find it.”

After arriving at his destination, Kickapoo Airport, he and an employee used the Find My iPhone app to narrow the search to Jacksboro, more than 80km (50 miles) away, and started on their search.

“I met Ben at the airport and we checked for the phone, even wondered if it might have been left in a rental car. We used his Find My iPhone app and learned it was still alive,” said  Kidwell, Wilson’s deputy at the Gas Corporation. “Later I checked the iCloud and could see it was outside of Joplin (Texas).” Joplin is a wide spot in the road ain rural Jack County.

With a satellite image and good map in hand, the two set out early Tuesday to find the missing cell. Guided down a ranch road, Bill soon was going over a fence to find it. “It was by the side of the road south of Jacksboro, under a mesquite tree,” he said.

“It was in one piece, scratched a bit on the corners but it still worked,” said surprised Wilson while equally elated Kidwell said, “It hit the corners a bit and but it’s just fine. The only missing part is the battery.”

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