Apple fans and critics troll Apple with #RejectedAppleProducts hashtag

Apple yesterday made the grand announcement of new iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, revamped Apple TV with touch remote and iPad Pro to a filled hall in San Francisco, California.

Though the launch managed to create some noise on the social media but by and large the tech world was not amused at the latest Apple offerings. Even stock traders gave a big thumbs down to the Apple share price post Tim Cooks announcement of the new products. The Apple share which opened in positive territory quicky sank into negative after the announcement iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was made and closed at $110.15 down 2 percent.

Apple fans and critics have launched a Twitter hashtag #RejectedAppleProducts to show their anger at Apple’s latest gadgets. The hashtag has found resonance among the twitteratti and is trending worldwide as of now.

Here are few sample tweets panning Apple for a dumb release yesterday.


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