Combination of Coke and Propane can make a powerful mini rocket (Video)

VIDEO: Ukrainian YouTuber’s mix bottle of Coca Cola and lighter fluid to make a mini rocket

Everyone loves to try a good science experiment at home, particularly the ones with rockets and explosions. Coca Cola has always been a favorite of wannabe scientists for conducting homemade experiments for years.

Ukrainian YouTubers, Kreosan, who have a YouTube channel dedicated to DIY extreme home experiments, have demonstrated another such experiment.

In their latest video, they showed how to make a sweet bottle rocket with a 20 oz bottle of Coke and volatile petroleum fuel Propane. When you fill the bottle with Propane gas and quickly flip it over, the gas react and you get a pretty noticeable explosion that can throw a plastic bottle meters up into the air.

This demonstration has caused the video to go viral with over one million views.

Though the trick is fun and simple but it is also dangerous and risky. By spraying the top of the Coke bottle with Propane and turning the bottle upside down, it creates a chemical reaction that makes the bottle fly unpredictably through the air. Also, the power behind the explosion is strong enough that it can break a glass window without giving you the slightest idea where the bottle would land.

If you plan to attempt this experiment in your home it is recommended that you use a wide space outside or a open ground so that no harm is caused.

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Kavita Iyer
Kavita Iyer
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