Google’s new tools for Gmail makes it easier to get rid of unwanted emails

It is quite annoying when your inbox is flooded with spam emails from the same person over and over again. So, what can you do to stop this? Well, there is some good news for people who are looking for an answer.

Google on Tuesday announced some new Gmail features titled “Block” and “Unsubscribe” that would users to end annoying emails from people who just won’t leave you alone.

With the new block feature, if you find yourself getting a bunch of unwanted emails from the same email address, you can, with a couple quick clicks, block those emails from coming to your inbox any longer.

“Sometimes you get mail from someone who’s really disruptive,” Gmail’s post announcing Block said. “Hopefully it doesn’t happen often—but when it does, you should be able to say, ‘Never see messages from this person again.’ That’s why you can now block specific email addresses in Gmail.”

Emails from a blocked sender will automatically go to the “spam” folder in the future. This means that emails are still received by the user, but they are automatically moved to a folder where they don’t have to be seen. This is similar to “filters” in Gmail, which allow users to set up rules for emails from particular addresses. Emails can be set to be deleted or automatically go to different folders.

How to Use Google’s New Block Feature

Just follow the simple steps given below:

Web Users:

  • Open the email of the address you want to block.
  • Next to the “reply” arrow in the upper right-hand corner, there is a small drop down menu arrow. Click on it.
  • The drop down menu shows numerous options like print, reply, forward. It also includes the new “Block” feature. Just click on it and the person is blocked.

Android Users:

  • Open the email of the address you want to block.
  • Next to the “reply” arrow in the upper right-hand corner, there are three small dots. Tap on them.
  • A drop down menu appears including the new “Block” feature.

According to Google, this new feature has already been added to Gmail for web, and will make its way to Gmail for Android sometime in the next week.

Besides being able to block users, users will also have an option to “unsubscribe” from email lists, which is perfect for unsubscribing from annoying discount emails from retailers and other spam that seems to make its way through to the inbox. This feature makes it easier for people to unsubscribe from emails, no longer having to follow the link at the bottom of emails and instead they can do so directly from Gmail. Also, Android users can opt out of eligible mailing lists directly from the Gmail app on mobile devices.


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