UK man builds his own helicopter using 54 drone propellers and a garden chair (video)

British man posted a video of his unique flying machine on YouTube which shows that it harnesses the power of 54 miniature drones.

A drone being operated by a pilot! can it be termed as a drone? No, the creator of this invention terms this flyable vehicle as “The Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multi-rotor Super Drone”.

A YouTube user ‘drone enthusiast’ gasturbine101 has created his own helicopter that can actually fly.

This British enthusiast has even posted a footage of the test flight of his novel flying machine on the YouTube.

The Super Drone comprises of 54 drones which act as propellers along with a garden chair that has been mounted on sort of a sleigh-like frame and further attached with an umbrella just over pilot’s head, probably for protection.

In the online video we can see a person who is repeatedly taking off and landing the DIY machine.

During the demonstration the helicopter could not fly beyond fifteen feet from ground level; however somehow it depicted the control which the pilot had on the machine.

The flyable machine is powered by four cell batteries.

YouTube mentions that the total cost of building this novel home made helicopter is around £6,000.

He writes: “The Swarm man carrying multi-rotor airborne flight testing montage. 54 counter-rotation propellers, six grouped control channels with KK2.15 stabilization. Take-off weight 148kg, max lift, approx. 164kg. Endurance 10 minutes. Power approx. 22KW.”

The user has also mentioned about some major flaw in the design of the vehicle to which he has drawn the attention of his readers by making a statement: “That is the large number of props running at high speed means the net torque reactions are relatively low, so the craft has little yaw authority. So it probably needs a tail rotor for spot turns.”

This is super awesome, until now we have seen various uses of drones right from being used by photographers until being deployed for military purposes and its use in disaster management areas. However, this is the first time ever that somebody has used drones to create a flyable vehicle or helicopter which surely seems to be the beginning of a new type affordable flyable vehicle for personal use!

Readers can check the attached video and see a flying homemade helicopter created using 54 drones and a garden chair.



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